Interdisciplinary and Dual Degree Programs

UEP/Boston College Law School Dual Degree

For students interested in exploring the connections between law and urban and environmental policy and planning. Students receive two degrees: a Master of Arts and a Juris Doctor (M.A./J.D.). The dual degree program recognizes that the fields of law and planning are inexorably linked. Planning (including policy analysis) is a process of guiding future development patterns; the law frames the mechanisms and limits of government control over this process. Planning and law immerse students in broad debates and critical thinking about the environment, human settlements, social and environmental justice, corporate responsibility, and land use, each guided by constitutional, equitable and pragmatic principles. To learn more, download the UEP/Boston College Law School Dual Degree requirements.

The M.A./J.D. is offered through a collaboration between the Tufts University Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) and the Boston College Law School. There is currently no graduate program in New England which offers the combined strengths of this program.

Upon acceptance to the dual degree program, students will be required to meet with the program coordinator and the respective academic advisors from both schools to plan an overall course of study that matches the student’s background, interests, and requirements of the program. Advisors at both schools will collaborate, under the auspices of an advisory committee, to ensure that students receive accurate and timely information about how they are to proceed through the dual degree program. Students will be eligible for financial assistance based on current policies at each University.

Students fulfill the requirements of each program, but may transfer credits toward each degree such that they may concentrate their studies in four years (as opposed to five, which would be typical if a student was pursing each degree separately).

Interested students must submit separate applications to each school indicating a preference for the dual degree. Each school reviews candidates based on its own requirements and criteria. The candidate's admission to UEP is not affected by the decision of the Boston College Law School. Tuition and fees will be assessed and paid to each school based on the semester of enrollment. For detailed information on the requirements for the J.D., please contact the Boston College Law School, Newton, MA 02459.

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