Interdisciplinary and Dual Degree Programs

UEP/Nutrition Dual Degree

Students can obtain a dual master's degree with UEP and the Agriculture, Food and Environment (AFE) Program and the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition (FPAN) Program of the School of Nutrition Science and Policy. The dual degree is aimed at students who have a particular interest in the connection between food production and supply and themes such as sustainable agriculture, food system planning, and food policy. Students pursuing this program will deepen their knowledge of policy analysis and planning while studying the relationship of food systems to community development and public health. By combining the two programs, the dual degree can be completed in three, instead of four years. Students receive both an M.A. in urban and environmental policy and planning and an M.S. in agriculture, food and environment or M.S. in food policy and applied nutrition. The Tufts Food System Planning Coalition is collaboration between UEP and Friedman students to discuss, promote, and take action on food systems issues at Tufts and in the broader community.

Interested students must submit separate applications to each program indicating a preference for the dual degree. Each school reviews candidates based on its own requirements and criteria. The candidate's admission to UEP is not affected by the decision of the School of Nutrition. Tuition and fees will be assessed and paid to each school based on the semester of enrollment. Students will be eligible for financial assistance based on current policies at each school. For detailed information on the requirements for the Nutrition programs, contact: The Gerald J. & Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155. Learn more >