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Interdisciplinary and Dual Degree Programs

Barbara M. Parmenter speaking to UEP students

We offer students the opportunity to earn a joint or dual degree with a number of other departments and schools at Tufts, and with Boston College. These are available only to students in the M.A. program.

Joint Degrees

A joint degree consists of one master's degree awarded by two graduate departments when a student meets the core master's requirements of both departments. Departments participating in joint degree programs with UEP are: Department of Economics, and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering. Prospective students should submit one application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for the joint degree option.

Dual Degrees

A dual degree consists of two master's degrees awarded for work done in distinct disciplines by two schools of Tufts University, or Boston College. UEP has dual degree programs with: Fletcher School, School of Nutrition Science and Policy, School of Engineering (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Boston College Law School.

Students electing a dual degree option must be accepted by both departments/school and are expected to meet the requirements set by each program. Prospective students wishing to pursue a dual degree must submit a separate application for each school and select the dual degree option on each application.