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Student Organizations and Groups

Student Planning & Policy Association (SPA)
The mission of SPA is to help broaden students' knowledge of urban and environmental planning and policy issues on a local, regional and national scale. SPA does this through organizing activities that are open to all UEP students. The group emphasizes that its goals and outreach efforts embrace all the various "disciplines" housed within UEP.

Tufts New Economy
The Tufts New Economy student group (TNE) was established in the Spring of 2013 to address growing problems with the current economic system through both discussion and action. The new economy has many names and comes in many forms, but the common thread is that businesses, industries, institutions and individuals working within the new economy prioritize people, planet, not solely profit. The group consists of a diverse set of graduate and undergraduate students from across the Tufts community. TNE seeks to create new and tap into existing networks for both discussion and action toward a more just and sustainable economy. Last year meetings consisted of about 50% learning and discussion and 50% action. Last year's work culminated in a Spring Summit titled, "Cultivating a New Food Economy, Putting People and Planet First." Visit Facebook >

Intercultural Practice Group
The Tufts University Intercultural Planning Group (IPG) is a student group based out of UEP with the aim to learn to become more socially and culturally competent, to build knowledge, and bring people together to talk about questions such as "What does socially and culturally competent planning look like? How can planners engage in culturally competent practice? and How can planners promote equity in a meaningful and practical way?"

Tufts Food Systems Planning Coalition
The Tufts Food Systems Planning Coalition (established 2009) is a group of students from Tufts University representing the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. We are collaborating to bring awareness to Tufts about the food system as an essential network that deserves attention by planners and the role of planning in bringing healthy and sustainable food to all communities.

Graduate Student Council
Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves the graduate students of Tufts University by providing social, cultural, and educational opportunities. The activities of the GSC are supported by a nominal fee that is charged to all graduate students at the beginning of the academic year.