Concentration Areas

Because the interdisciplinary program in WGSS requires majors to take electives from at least three different departments, choosing a concentration area encourages students to think about integrating the various topics, approaches, and materials they are studying. In consultation with the Director of the Program, students can formulate their own concentration area based on their individual interests or choose one from among those suggested below. These should be considered broad frameworks for synthesizing knowledge and the specific courses listed are only some examples of courses that could be clustered under this broad area of concentration; there are many other courses and combinations of courses that may constitute a concentration area, so students should look at the WGSS course offerings each semester to determine which ones will be appropriate for their particular focus. Thinking and learning evolves, so students can refine or revise their concentration area if necessary.

Dr 43 Gay and Lesbian Theatre & Film
Eng 80 Hitchcock: Cinema, Gender, Ideology
Hist 96 Body and Sexuality in Pre-Modern Europe
Mus 97 Queer Pop
Soc 149 Sexuality and Society

Race, Class, and Power
Ed 162 Class, Race, and Gender in History of US Education
Eng 160 Environmental Justice and US Lit
Hist 110 Race, Class, and Power in South Africa
PS 188 Race, Ethnicity, and US African Policy
Soc 130 Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality

Global/Transnational Contexts
Anth 120 Culture and Intimacy in South Asia
Eng 45 Non-Western Women Writers
Hist 91 Seeking Gendered Perspectives
PS 188 Gender Issues in World Politics
Soc 187 Immigrant Children and Children of Immigrants
Spn 191 Latin American Women Writers

Creative Arts and Media
Dr 46 International Women Filmmakers
Eng 171 Women & Fiction
FAH 32 High Renaissance Italy
FR 163 The Heroine's Plot
Mus 185 Black Divas

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