Spring 2018 Course Offerings

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Course # Course Title and Syllabus Instructor
PS 0042-01 Western Political Thought II Robert Devigne
PS 0061-01 Intro to International Relations Malik Mufti
PS 0099-01 Fieldwork in Politics: Fieldwork in Local Government Shin Fujihira
PS 0102-01 Congress, Bureaucracy, & Public Policy Aaron Weinstein
PS 0103-01 Political Science Research Methods (M) Natalie Masuoka
PS 0104-01 Seminar: New Media, New Politics (M)(*) Robin Liss
PS 0105-01 Constitutional Law Dennis Rasmussen
PS 0111-01 Political Psychology (M) Deborah J. Schildkraut Russell
PS 0118-01 Topics in American Politics: Organizing for Social Change Daniel LeBlanc & Kenneth Galdston
PS 0118-02 Topics in American Politics: Massachusetts Government Internships Benjamin B. Downing
PS 0119-01 Seminar In American Politics: American Racial Politics (*) Natalie Masuoka
PS 0119-02 Seminar In American Politics: America's Holy Constitution (*) Aaron Weinstein
PS 0128-01 Gender, Work and Politics in East Asia Elizabeth Remick
PS 0131-01 Democracy & Capitalism In Japan Shinju Fujihira
PS 0138-01 Topics In Comparative Politics: Political Violence in State & Society Consuelo Cruz
PS 0138-02 Topics In Comparative Politics: Making States: Theory & Practice Consuelo Cruz
PS 0138-03 Topics In Comparative Politics: Policing the US & Europe David Art
PS 0138-04 Topics In Comparative Politics: Labor & Inequality in the Globalized World Nimah Mazaheri
PS 0139-01 Seminar In Comparative Politics: States, Nations, & Citizenship (*) Oxana Shevel
PS 0139-02 Seminar In Comparative Politics: Poverty & Public Policy (*) Nimah Mazaheri
PS 0140-01 Liberalism and its Philosophic Critics Robert Devigne
PS 0141-01 Shakespeare's Rome Vickie B. Sullivan
PS 0144-01 The Meaning Of America Dennis Rasmussen
PS 0145-01 Seminar: Political Thought of Machiavelli (*) Vickie B. Sullivan
PS 0159-01 Seminar In Political Thought: The People, Revolution, and Power (*) Joshua Braver
PS 0159-02 Seminar In Political Thought: Popular Sovereignty (*) Ioannis Evrigenis
PS 0168-01 International Law Maria Alvarez-Tolcheff Alarco
PS 0172-01 US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Malik Mufti
PS 0176-01 Migration, Refugees, & Citizenship in a Globalized World Kelly M. Greenhill & Oxana Shevel
PS 0181-01 Public Opinion and Foreign Policy (M) Richard Eichenberg
PS 0188-01 The Causes and Consequences of Foreign Military Intervention Meg Guliford
PS 0189-01 Seminar In International Relations: The Pursuit of Gender Equality in US Foreign Policy (*) Richard Eichenberg

(M) = Methodologically focused course
(*) = Advanced seminar