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Friday, September 30, 2016
The Social Role of Mathematical Proofs
Time and Place: 206 Eaton Hall, 4pm; reception to follow in Miner Hall
Speaker: Kenny Easwaran (Philosophy, Texas A&M)
Respondents: Jody Azzouni (Philosophy, Tufts) and Moon Duchin (Math, Tufts)
Abstract: Much of mathematics proceeds by means of proof, but what makes proofs different from other forms of verification or communication? What is the role of proofs in spreading mathematical knowledge? Does the success of a proof depend on trusting the author? What would it take to conclusively defeat a proof?
The talk is at 4pm in Eaton 206 and will be aimed at a level suitable to students without much background assumed in math or philosophy.
Sponsors: STS, Philosophy, Math

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