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Kerri Greenidge

"Black Radical" by Kerri Greenidge tells the story of a civil rights agitator who empowered working black people at the turn of the 20th century

A computer simulated model of the bio-machine, at left, with the actual organism manufactured from cells—inert endothelial cells in green, and contractile heart cells in red.

Understanding how the Xenobots work could help researchers understand formation of organs for regenerative medicine

Danilo Marchesini, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Tufts researchers are part of a team whose finding upends how astronomers think about structural formation of galaxies

Eitan Hersh, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

In a new book, political scientist Eitan Hersh says that the way to influence people and win elections is to take action locally

Natasha Warikoo and Jill VanTongeren

Two accomplished faculty will join Tufts in the Spring 2020 semester. Natasha Kumar Warikoo is a new professor in the Department of Sociology, and Jill VanTongeren is a new associate professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

Hands in a group of people

Heather Urry, professor of psychology, answers questions about worry and fear—and what we can do to help

The cast of Sense and Sensibility

“Sense and Sensibility” hits the stage at Tufts, a reminder of the timelessness of social pressures—and the importance of a moral compass

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