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School of Arts and Sciences
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Sows in individual gestation crates

In his book “Porkopolis,” anthropologist Alex Blanchette takes a deep dive into the lives of the workers and animals in a pork-producing company town.

Tufts campus in spring

Amid a surge of applications, Tufts admits its most ethnically and racially diverse undergraduate class.

Using a fluorescent protein, Xenobots record exposure to blue light, by turning green

Last year, a team of biologists and computer scientists from Tufts and UVM created novel, tiny self-healing biological machines from frog cells called “Xenobots." The same team has now created life forms that self-assemble a body from single cells, do not require muscle cells to move, and even demonstrate the capability of recordable memory.

Madina Agénor

Madina Agénor, Gerald R. Gill Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society in the Department of Community Health, examines how social inequities related to race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity influence people’s access to life-saving services

Illustration of the coronavirus

Brett Leav, A87, A23P, who led the clinical trial team that developed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, tells a Tufts audience how the vaccines happened so quickly.

Bárbara Brizuela

Dean of academic affairs in Arts and Sciences will take on leadership role in graduate education at Tufts.

Heather Nathans and colleagues at the Mid-America Theatre Conference in early March 2020

Gantcher Professor Heather Nathans is all about making service to her communities a priority and shares one out-of-the-box way she humanizes bonding.

Anne Birutė Harris, Camouflage Cirque, Summer, August 10, 2020. Performance Still, Photograph.

Graduating students at School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University to display work online, allowing safe access for art lovers

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