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School of Arts and Sciences
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 Langley Topper, A21, Jillian Impastato, A21, Kianie Ramirez, E22, and Michelle Nguyen, A22

Tufts students and faculty work closely together to create a new program that fosters inclusive teaching and learning.

Anne Birutė Harris, Camouflage Cirque, Summer, August 10, 2020. Performance Still, Photograph.

Graduating students at School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University to display work online, allowing safe access for art lovers

Tufts campus in spring

Amid a surge of applications, Tufts admits its most ethnically and racially diverse undergraduate class.

María Belén Power

María Belén Power, AG20, advocates for justice-centered change from Chelsea, Massachusetts to the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

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