Fall 2020 Courses

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  • CVS 0020/PHIL 0020/PS 0020: Introduction to Civic Studies (Peter Levine, Brian Schaffner) - Hybrid (some sections in person)
  • CVS 0099: Internship (Sherri Sklarwitz) - Virtual

Civic Action and Social Movements:

  • CVS 137-01/PS 0112: U.S. Elections: Rules, Strategies, and Outcomes (Eitan Hersh)
  • CVS 0035/PSY 0013: Social Psychology (Samuel Sommers)
  • CVS 0136/PS 0115: Information, Technology, and Political Power (Eitan Hersh)
  • CVS 0132/SHD 165: Families, Schools, and Child Development (Christine McWayne)
  • CVS 0133/ECON 0136-01: Topics in Economic Development (Margaret McMillan)
  • CVS 0150-02/PS 0118-02: Community Organizing (Daniel LeBlanc & Kenneth Galdston)
  • CVS 0151-08/ENG 0191-01: Emotion and American Literature (Nathan Wolff)

Civic Skills:

  • CVS 0182/PJS 164: Education for Peace and Justice (Deborah Donahue-Keegan)
  • CVS 0186/SPN 0146: Spanish in the Community (Nancy Levy-Konesky)
  • CVS 0150-03: Science and Civic Action (Jonathan Garlick)
  • CVS 0083A: Tisch Scholars Foundation A (Grace Talusan, Sara J. Allred)
  • CVS 0084: Tisch Scholars Fieldwork Practicum (Sara J. Allred)
  • CVS 0126: Civic Pathways (Sherri Sklarwitz). One SHU; does not count toward the Civic Skills requirement.
  • CVS 0146/VMS 145/AMER 145: Mass Incarceration and the Literature of Confinement (Hilary Binda)
  • CVS 0147/CSHD 167/FMS 164: Children and Mass Media (Julie Dobrow)
  • CVS 0150-05/PHIL 0091-06: Philosophy for Children (Susan Russinoff)
  • CVS 0170/CSHD 143-02: Leadership in Civic Context (Diane Ryan) - Hybrid
  • CVS 0183/UEP 0130/ PJS 0131: Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution (Robert Burdick)
  • CVS 0150-15/PS 0119: Seminar in American Politics: Polling the 2020 Election (Brian Schaffner)
  • CVS 0150-08: Modern American Political Campaign Strategy (Scott Jennings)

Social Conflict, Inequality, and Violence:

  • CVS 0017/PHIL 0045-01: War and Terrorism (Lionel McPherson)
  • CVS 0022/SOC 0075: Sociology of Violence (Brett Nava-Coulter)
  • CVS 0160/SOC 0180: Intimate Violence (Anjuli Fahlberg)
  • CVS 0024/REL 08: Law, Religion and International Relations (Joseph Walser)
  • CVS 0150-14/PS 138: Democracy and Its Alternatives (David Art)

Thinking about Justice:

  • CVS 0011/ED 0167-01: Critical Race Theory (Shameka Powell)
  • CVS 0018/PS 0041/ PHIL 0041: Western Political Thought (Ioannis Evrigenis)
  • CVS 0113/OT 110 Disability & Public Health (Elizabeth Marfeo)
  • CVS 0150-09/PHIL 0123/ CLS 0123: Philosophy of Law (Erin Kelly)
  • CVS 0150-12/UEP 0194: The Gap Between Law & Justice (Sonja Spears)
  • CVS 0150-11 and PHIL 0191: Punishment & Responsibility (Erin Kelly)
  • CVS 0051/PHIL 0091-04: Media Ethics (Benedetta Giovanola)
  • CVS 0150-16: Theorizing US Criminal Justice (Hilary Binda)