Spring 2021 Courses

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Civic Action and Social Movements

  • CVS 0031/ENG 0023: American Literature to 1900 (Nathan Wolff)
  • CVS 0032/CSHD 0034/ENV-0034: Children as Earth Stewards (George Scarlett)
  • CVS 0037/MUS 0035/WGS 0085: Women in Music (Melinda Latour)
  • CVS 0138/PS 0108: Public Opinion and U.S. Democracy (Brian Schaffner)
  • CVS 0151-07/PS 0188-01: Race and US Africa Policy (Pearl Robinson)
  • CVS 0171/SOC 0135: Social Movements (Brett Nava-Coulter)
  • CVS 0172/EC 0117: Economics of Social Interactions and Social Networks (Yannis Ioannides)
  • CVS 0173/ CSHD 0157/ REL 0157: Spiritual Development Across the Life-Span (George Scarlett)
  • CVS 0177/PS 0177: The Howard School of International Affairs (Pearl Robinson)

Civic Skills

  • CVS 0041/ENG 0011/FMS 0042: Intermediate Journalism (Nan Levinson)
  • CVS 0044: Civic Pathways (Instructors TBA) - Virtual
  • CVS 0046/ED-0015: Social-Emotional & Civic Learning (Deborah Donahue-Keegan)
  • CVS 0051-03: Talking Points, Tweets, and TikTok: Modern Political Communications and Message Development (Dave Cavell and Jesse Mermell) - Virtual
  • CVS 0051-04/CHEM 0094-01: Science and the Human Experience (Jonathan Garlick) - Virtual
  • CVS 0083B: Tisch Scholars Foundation B (Grace Talusan, Brianda Hernandez) - Virtual
  • CVS 0084: Tisch Scholars Fieldwork Practice (Brianda Hernandez) - Virtual
  • CVS 0088/CVS 0188/CSHD 0099/CSHD 0199: Community Field Placement (George Scarlett)
  • CVS 0142/CSHD 0121: Working with Communities: Co-Constructing Transformative Research and Practice (Christine McWayne)
  • CVS 0143/CSHD 0066: Self & Identity: Negotiating Place in Community (Jayanthi Mistry)
  • CVS 0151-01: Community Organizing II (Danny LeBlanc and Ken Galdston) - Virtual
  • CVS 0151-02/COMP 0151: CDR Computing for Developing Regions (Fahad Dogar)
  • CVS 0151-04/CSHD 0143-22: Special Topics: Making Education Equitable in COVID: Literacy in Action (Melissa Orkin and Leandra Elion)
  • CVS 0151-05/PHIL 0092-02: Special Topics: Pre-College Philosophy (Susan Rusinoff)
  • CVS 0151-06/PS -118-03: Topics in American Politics: Politics, journalism, and the fight over (fake) news (Evan Horowitz)
  • CVS 0151-10: Podcast & Journal for Justice (Hilary Binda) – In-person
  • CVS 0151-11: Prison Justice Studies (Hilary Binda) – In-person
  • CVS 0181/ENV 0150/ANTH 0155: Environment, Communications, and Culture (Ninian Stein)
  • CVS 0187/ENT 0141/AMER 0141: Innovative Social Enterprises (Julianne Zimmerman)
  • CVS 0189/PS 0191: Issues in American Public Policy (Peter Levine) - Virtual
  • CVS 197: Tisch Scholars Senior Capstone (Brianda Hernandez) - Virtual
  • CVS 198: Tisch Scholars Senior Capstone (Brianda Hernandez) - Virtual
  • CVS 251/EM 294-06: Special Topics: Innovation and Management (Josh Ellsworth)

Social Conflict, Inequality, and Violence

  • CVS 0010/EC 0062: Economics of International Migration (Anna Hardman)
  • CVS 0030/SOC-0030/WGS 0040: Sex and Gender in Society (Brett Nava-Coulter)
  • CVS 0051-01/STS 0054-04: Special Topics: Science and Power: Who Rules Science? (June Jeon) - Hybrid
  • CVS 0127/SOC 0120/PJS 0120/CST 0194-03: Sociology of War and Peace (Paul Joseph)
  • CVS 0133/EC 0136: Topics in Economic Development (Margaret McMillan)
  • CVS 0151-03/SOC 190: Immigration (Seminar): Public Opinion, Politics, and Media (Helen Marrow)
  • CVS 0151-09/PS 0138-02: Topics in Comparative Politics: Policing in Comparative Perspective (David Art)
  • CVS 0151-12/PS 0138-03: Topics in Comparative Politics: Political Violence in State & Society (Consuelo Cruz)
  • CVS 0161/UEP 0181/CSHD 0186/SOC 0094: Homelessness in America (Laurie Goldman)
  • CVS 0180/SOC 0106: Political Sociology (Anjuli Fahlberg)

Thinking About Justice

  • CVS 0014/PHIL 0024: Introduction to Ethics (David Denby, Monica Link Kim)
  • CVS 0016/PHIL 0025: Food Ethics (Sigrun Svavarsdottir)
  • CVS 0057/ANTH 0027: Human Rights and Justice in Cultural Context (Amahl Bishara)
  • CVS 0082/PS 0042/PHIL 0042: Western Political Thought II (Rob Devigne)
  • CVS 0112/SOC 0103: Sociological Theory (Caleb Scoville)
  • CVS 0140/PS 0140/PHIL 0140: Liberalism and its Philosophic Critics (Rob Devigne)
  • CVS 0152/MUSIC 0132: Music and Ethics (Melinda Latour)
  • CVS 0155/CSHD 0185: Positive Youth Development and Social Justice (Rich Lerner)

Civic Studies Internship + Capstone

  • CVS 0099-01: Internship – Social Change (Deborah Donahue-Keegan) – Hybrid
  • CVS 0099-02: Internship – Justice Studies (Hilary Binda) – In-person
  • CVS 0190/PS 0158/PHIL 0192/PJS 0190/AFR 0147-07: Topics in Political Thought: Political Philosophy of MLK, Jr. (Peter Levine) - Virtual