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Please note: Civic Studies is a co-major only.

The requirements for the Civic Studies major are 11 courses distributed as follows:

  1. CVS 0020/PHIL 0020/PS 0020: Introduction to Civic Studies
  2. Thinking about Justice: Two approved courses in political theory, philosophy, or social theory devoted to normative questions about the nature and content of justice.
  3. Social Conflict and Violence: Two approved courses to enhance an empirical understanding of the historical, political, and social origins of conflict and violence.
  4. Civic Action and Social Movements: Two approved courses dealing with the historical, ethical, and social origins of organized movements for social change.
  5. Civic Skills: Two approved courses that focus on civic skills or civic practices, e.g., dialogue and deliberation, ethical reasoning, emotional intelligence, conflict-mediation and peacemaking, community-based research, communication and media-making, public art, community organizing, evaluating nonprofits, or financing social enterprises.
  6. CVS 099: A required internship. This includes a weekly 2.5 hour class with graded assignments and a final project. 
  7. CVS 190: A capstone seminar taught by a CVS affiliated faculty member.

Total: 11 courses

University policy restricts the number of courses to be shared between Civic Studies and another major to five.

Beginning in Fall 2018, these requirements replace the current Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) major. Students entering Tufts in 2018 or earlier have the option to complete their major under the old requirements, the new requirements, or a self-designed combination of the two. PJS majors will receive extra advising support to design their course of study to accord with their interests.