Optional Peace and Justice Studies Track

Students can pursue the themes and concepts of Peace and Justice Studies within the Civic Studies major by following a specific sequence of courses listed below. Students interested in the PJS track will be paired with a faculty advisor who teaches one of the core courses.

  1. CVS 0020/PHIL 0020/PS 0020: Introduction to Civic Studies
  2. Thinking about Justice
    One of the following:
    SOC 60: Social Inequalities and Social Justice
    PHIL 43: Justice, Equality, and Liberty
    PHIL 141: Global Justice
    ANTH 27: Human Rights in Cultural Context
    Plus one other course from the Theorizing about Justice list.
  3. Social Conflict and Violence
    One of the following:
    SOC 120: Sociology of War and Peace. NOTE: The new version of Sociology of War and Peace will include the major themes currently found in Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies.
    SOC 94: Sociology of Violence
    HIST 10: Colonialism in Global Perspective
    PS 138: Political Violence in State and Society
    Plus one other course from the Social Conflict and Violence list.
  4. Civic Action and Social Movements
    One of the following:
    SOC 111: Making Social Change Happen
    SOC 135: Social Movements
    CH 109: Community Action and Social Movements in Public Health
    PS 003: Nonprofits and Civil Society
    ED 0164: Education for Peace and Justice
    Plus one other course from the Civic Action and Social Movements list.
  5. Civic Skills
    One course on Conflict Resolution:
    PJS 0150: Introduction to Conflict Resolution
    UEP 0130-01: Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution
    ENV 152: Seminar in Environmental Negotiations
    Plus one other course from the Civic Skills list.
  6. CVS 099: A required internship. This includes a weekly 2.5 hour class with graded assignments and a final project.
  7. CVS 190: A capstone seminar to be taught by a CVS affiliated faculty member.

Total: 11 courses