Full-time Faculty
Pawan Dhingra, Chair, Professor
Asian America, culture, education, immigration, inequality, race and gender and class intersectionality
Freeden Blume Oeur, Assistant Professor
Gender and Masculinity, Education, Youth, Sociological and Feminist Theory
Orly Clerge, Assistant Professor
Race and ethnicity; urban sociology; immigration & migration; family; education; quantitative research methods
Cedric de Leon, Associate Professor
Labor and Labor Movements, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnic Relations, Comparative Historical Sociology, Social Theory
Paul Joseph, Professor
Sociology of war and peace; political sociology; globalization
Helen Marrow, Associate Professor
Immigration; race and ethnic relations; social inequalities and social policies; health; qualitative research methods
Sarah Sobieraj, Associate Professor
Political sociology; mass media; civil society and the public sphere; sociology of culture; social movements
Rosemary C.R. Taylor, Associate Professor
Comparative historical study of disease and health policy; political sociology; sociology of science and technology; qualitative methods in action
Jill Weinberg, Assistant Professor
Crime, Law, Deviance; Sports; the Body; Research Methods

Part Time Faculty/Lecturers
Michelle Holliday-Stocking
Media & Society
Brett Nava-Coulter
Health, Policy and Inequality; Sociology of Violence
Diana Schor
Self & Society; Youth Subculture

Caitlin Slodden
American Society; Mental Health and Illness

Affiliated Faculty
David R. Harris, Provost and Senior Vice President of Tufts, Professor of Sociology
Social stratification; race and ethnicity; racial equality; diversity; social identity and policy

Emeritus Faculty
Paula Aymer, Associate Professor
Race and ethnic relations; family; religion; immigration
John E. Conklin, Professor
Criminology; sociology of law; crime and media
Susan A. Ostrander, Professor
Civic and political engagement; social activism and community organizing; social inequalities (class, gender, race, immigration); nonprofit organizations; social justice philanthropy and foundations; qualitative research methods; community-based research

Faculty to Remember
James G. Ennis, Associate Professor
Social networks; sociological theory; research methods; art and science; social movements