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The Department of Community Health at Tufts is one of the oldest multidisciplinary programs at the university. Since 1975, CH has provided students with a diverse, integrative experience in learning. The department's relatively small size encourages a sense of community among fellow students, faculty, and staff. As a multidisciplinary program, CH touches on diverse aspects of health and society, and encourages the exploration of health issues from a variety of perspectives.

CH courses span many disciplines, including anthropology, nutrition, medicine, classics, sociology, biology, psychology, history, economics, engineering, philosophy, political science, and public health. Through course requirements and an internship, our students analyze the following: the factors that determine health and illness, how communities define and try to resolve health-related problems, the formation of health care policy in the United States with a comparative look at other countries, and the institutions that plan, regulate, and deliver health care services.

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