CHAMP Program

Community Health Alumni Mentoring Program (CHAMP)

What is CHAMP?

CHAMP (Community Health Alumni Mentoring Program) is a new initiative of the Community Health Department at Tufts University that connects Community Health alumni with undergraduate students. Our goals for this initiative are to have alumni mentors assist mentees to: (1) set strategic professional goals; (2) develop a plan to meet these goals; and (3) to network with others in their chosen field. We are delighted and grateful that our Community Health alumni have agreed to take part in this initiative.

How is the program structured?

Based on years of research and experience, we have found that an effective structure for this program is to create mentor/mentee relationships. A mentor will be matched with a Community Health undergraduate student in their junior or senior year. The mentor/mentee will have opportunities to exchange experiences, "lessons learned, and opportunities for the purpose of enhancing students' self-confidence, communication skills, leadership practices, networking and strategies for career development."

How does CHAMP match mentors with mentees?

We match mentors and mentees based on information gathered from the CHAMP Mentee Surveys and Student Applications. Once all applications have been received, the mentoring committee will match applicants based on common fields of interest, professional goals, geographic location, and other factors. Each applicant will be notified of his or her status within the program in October.

What is the time commitment for mentors?

We ask that mentors commit to 2-6 hours per month over a 7-month period (October-April). This includes attendance at an orientation meetings in October, a mid-year workshop in January and an end-of-year celebration in April.
CHAMP mentors will also have plenty of opportunities to attend the Community Health Alumni Speaker Series, Alumni Panel discussion, and Alumni Online Networking Hour, as well as other events at Tufts.

Each month CHAMP will host an expert speaker who will address different themes related to mentoring relationships to help mentors guide their undergraduate mentees. Mentors will be supplied with supplementary items such as articles, notes and written material they can use as a reference to stimulate conversations with their mentee. Before monthly calls, undergraduates are responsible for providing their mentor with an e-mail outlining questions they would like answered pertaining to that month's topic.

What is the time commitment for mentees?

In addition to an orientation session, mentees are required to attend one event per month during October- April. These events include topics relevant to students interests such as: public health, health policy, health economics, social work, health care and medicine.

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