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Stibel Dennett Consortium for Brain and Cognitive Science

Brian Epstein

Associate Professor

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Brian Epstein

Associate Professor

Phone 617-627-4701
Miner Hall, Room 01
14 Upper Campus Rd, Medford, MA

Brian Epstein received his PhD in philosophy from Stanford University, his master's in philosophy from Oxford University, and graduated summa cum laude with an AB in philosophy from Princeton University.  His research interests include philosophy of social science, metaphysics, and philosophy of language, focusing in particular on issues in the theory of reference and the ontology of social kinds. He also has interests in conceptual schemes, the philosophy of music, and the philosophy of economics.  Between degree programs, he worked at a number of technology startups and consulting firms.  His interests outside of philosophy include music and sound production, hiking, and photographing ducks.

Ph.D., Stanford University
M.S., Oxford University
AB, Princeton University

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Language

Selected Publications and Presentations: 

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