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Nick Seaver's new book Computing Taste: Algorithms and the Makers of Music Recommendation was recently published by The University of Chicago Press and featured on the New Books in Anthropology and Let’s Get Coffee, WYXR Memphis podcasts. Read an excerpt of the book on Engadget.

Amahl Bishara's new book "Crossing a Line: Laws, Violence, and Roadblocks to Palestinian Political Expression" was recently published by Stanford University Press.

Tatiana Chudakova's new book "Mixing Medicines: Ecologies of Care in Buddhist Siberia" was recently published by Fordham University Press.

Alex Blanchette, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, was the recipient of the 2020 Steven Polgar Prize for the best article published in the Society for Medical Anthropology's flagship journal, Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

Sarah Luna's book "Love in the Drug War: Selling Sex & Finding Jesus on the Mexico-US Border" was awarded the Ruth Benedict Book Prize for Outstanding Single Authored Monograph.

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Chimpanzees in the high tree canopy in a forest. A study of wild chimpanzee hunting vocalizations suggests they use them to coordinate their hunts, like humans use communication as part of a cooperative efforts

Communication, Chimp Style—Is It Like Ours?

A new study by Zarin Machanda and colleagues suggests wild chimpanzee hunting vocalizations are used to coordinate their hunts, much like humans use communication as part of cooperative efforts