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Anthropologists study global human experience and socialities among other related beings, combining social, cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic approaches within a single discipline. Our embrace of both qualitative and scientific research gives our methods flexibility, depth, and analytical rigor. The courses offered by the Department of Anthropology at Tufts cover a diverse set of questions and subjects such as the relationship between culture and human rights, the globalization of childhood, concepts of animal life in industrial farming, place making in global cities, the political shaping of gender, how human bodies relate to their environments, and much more.

About the Department

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Undergraduate Programs

Anthropology at Tufts gives students opportunities for ethnographic research through our Fieldwork Lab, several upper-level seminars, internships, and independent research projects. This combination of hands-on research, disciplinary breadth, global and local understanding, and intellectual community makes Anthropology a strong major and an excellent preparation for a wide range of careers.

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Our students can present their research and engage with others through Tufts' student Anthropology Collective and Spring Student Anthropology Symposium (SSAS).

Research Opportunities

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