DEIJ Statement

The Mirkin Lab is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, in every aspect of our research. Some of our initiatives are outlined, below.

  • Training of students, postdoctoral researches and co-investigators from diverse backgrounds. The Mirkin Lab is committed to maximal inclusivity. This year a first-gen college graduate has joined the lab to conduct her PhD studies. On average, one-to-two undergraduate students of color are trained in the lab annually. As the inclusivity of Tufts admission increases, we plan to further increase the representation of students of color.
  • Full representation of women. The Mirkin Lab is known for its commitment to training female scientists. 10 out of 15 graduate students trained in the lab were women. As of now, 10 out of 11 trainees in the lab are women, majority of whom who are expected to be funded by the proposed project.
  • Mentoring of high school young scientists and community outreach. The Mirkin Lab has established a partnership with the local Medford High School. First, we participate in the reverse science fair at the school, during which graduate students from the lab present the ongoing projects directly related to this proposal to the high school students. This is followed by the regular science fair, in which our graduate students serve as judges. We expect to pick up 1-to-2 high school students willing to engage in our research during the summer semesters.
  • Underrepresented Minority Outreach. The Mirkin Lab regularly participates in the Tufts program 'Visiting and Early Research Scholar Experiences (VERSE)', which is aimed at enhancing the educational experiences of underrepresented, undergraduate students. Typically, one VERSE student participates in a 10-week-long research immersion experience in our lab.