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Tufts Biology welcomes three new full-time faculty this Fall 2023 semester: Drs Sarah Hengel, Frank David, and Katherine (Katie) Mattaini. We are so excited to have them join us, helping to expand our department’s research, outreach, and inclusion!

Learn more about the Department of Biology's commitment to DEIJ.

"Scientists Build Tiny Biological Robots from Human Cells" – the Levin Lab follows up on their earlier research into Xenobots in a November 30th Tufts Now article; read the article in Tufts Now, and check out the current study, published in Advanced Science, by Dr. Michael Levin, along with PhD student Gizem Gumuskaya.

Congratulations to Robert de Bruijn and Eric Tytell who received the Start at the Source award for their course Inquiry-based teaching for biology on September 25th – the focus of the award was their project: Inclusive, inquiry-driven laboratory teaching for graduate students.

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