Graduate Students

Komal Afzaal
PhD History
Museums in Pakistan, Politics of Representation, Inventing Narratives and Historiography of South Asia

Arooj Alam
PhD Program
Research Interests: History of Islam in South Asia, Central Asia, and Middle East, Intellectual and Social History, impact of colonialism and secularism on Quranic exegesis (Tafsir) genre, Affect, Embodiment, and Gender

Tathagata Dutta
PhD Program
Research Interests: Bay of Bengal regionalism, South Asian and South East Asian transnational history, migration, and Diaspora history

Tom Guan
MA Program
Research Interests: South Asia, China, the Cold War, Global Decolonization, Environmental History, Migration and Diaspora across the Indian Ocean

Satgin Hamrah
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, Middle East, transnational conflict and networks, Sectarianism, Islamism, State and Non-State Conflict

Namrata Jain
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, British Empire, Clothing and Fashion, Textile Trade and Economic Policies, Coloniality and Gender, Indian Ocean Societies

Qandeel Qazi
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, 19th and 20th Century Colonialism, British India, Islam, Migrations, Cultural History, Transnational History, Caste, Nationalism, Kashmir

Lamisa Syed
MA Program
Research interests: South Asia, Bengal, anti-imperialist movements, gender, class

Daniel Waqar
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, Urdu language and literature, crowd politics, decolonial thought