Gerald Gill Fellowship

Student research is a major component of and contributor to the Center's work and longevity. Named in honor of Tufts Professor Gerald R. Gill (1948-2007), the Gill Fellowship supports engaged scholarship on questions of race and democracy, broadly defined. Projects may emerge from a variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary programs, and may support undergraduate and graduate research. The Gerald Gill Fellows serve as ambassadors of engaged scholarship and active citizenship on campus. We seek fellows whose engaged scholarship, citizenship, and participation will inspire their peers to think critically about race and democracy, within and beyond the Tufts campus.

Recent projects have included: environmental justice in Brockton, MA; indigenous civil resistance networks in the US and Canada; the use of social media in social movements; the public history of slavery and freedom; mass incarceration; and universities and social movements. 

In past years, Gill Fellows developed and completed individualized research projects with the support of CSRD faculty. Through the CSRD Lunch and Learn series, Gill fellows have had the opportunity to interact and engage with local and national scholars, activists, writers, and artists.

Gills Fellows Application