Requirements and Curriculum

Students in the program must meet with their advisory committee at least twice a year, and a progress report must be filed with IDoc twice a year. Progress reports are due by the end of the first week of classes in the fall semester (September) and at around midterm in the spring semester (March). It is the responsibility of the candidate and the principal advisor to file the progress report, and failure to do so may result in a recommendation by IDoc for dismissal from the program.

Any change in the advisory committee makeup or program of study must receive prior approval by IDoc. Any changes to the qualifying procedures or examinations presented at the time of the Step Two application must be approved by the PhD advisory committee and by IDoc before the examination can take place. Both bodies may suggest further changes.

The Dissertation Defense Committee, which must be approved by IDoc, should consist of at least three members of the student's advisory committee, including the principal advisor. As with other doctoral dissertation defenses, this committee must also include an additional person from outside of Tufts, who is familiar with the field, is not a member of the dissertation working committee, and is not directly associated with the student's research.