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School of Arts and Sciences

Research and Resources

Research at Tufts is all about breaking down walls—between fields, between faculty and students, between what is and what could be. Innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration are the foundations of discovery at Tufts.

The Carnegie Foundation ranks Tufts as an institution with "very high research activity"—its highest classification for degree-granting colleges and universities—but the university's commitment to research is about more than prestige. It's about the community coming together around ideas in creative and compelling ways, pushing boundaries and asking the questions that will take our knowledge to the next level.

Undergraduates are an active and vital component of the research community at Tufts. There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to collaborate with faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on projects in all disciplines. In addition, there are several resources available for Tufts students looking for research opportunities outside the university or after they complete their degree.