Minor in Social Justice Anthropology

The Minor in Social Justice Anthropology allows students to focus their study of anthropology on writing, cultural production, activism, and other practices that promote social justice, for example in a feminist, democratic, anti-racist, anti-colonial, environmental, or anti-poverty vein. The minor is empirically grounded and analytically driven. It focuses on the multi-faceted intersections of social justice activism and anthropology, and encourages students to think about the impacts of anthropology in academic spaces and beyond.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Five courses are required for the Minor in Social Justice Anthropology (at least 15 SHUs).

Course Requirements

  • One gateway course in cultural anthropology related to social justice (courses designated by the department in range of ANTH 10-ANTH 39)
  • ANTH 161: Fieldwork Lab (or another methods course designated by department)
  • Two ¬†additional anthropology courses related to social justice and activism (designated by the department) which may include ANTH 130: Anthropological Thought
  • Capstone project in social justice anthropology. There are two options for completing this capstone project. First, students may carry out an internship or ethnographic practice (consisting of approximately 40 hours over the semester), or another project relevant to social justice or activist anthropology. This project must be approved by the minor advisor and completed after taking ANTH 161: Fieldwork Lab or another approved methods course and requires a final paper of approximately 20 pages. Second, students can take an upper level seminar for which the final product is a research paper of 20+ pages, on a topic related to social justice anthropology.

Advisor: Associate Professor Amahl Bishara