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Tufts Pollinator Initiative  Western Monarch Mystery Challenge

September 2022

  • Leslie Spencer has joined the lab as a research assistant.

August 2022

  • The Google Foundation has agreed to provide funding in support of our on-going collaborative research efforts with Washington State University on western monarch butterflies.
  • Genevieve Pugesek has joined the lab as a post-doc.

June 2021

  • Jenny Pugesek has successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled “The cryptic life cycle stages of bumble bees: using natural history to guide conservation.”May 2021
  • Collin Edward has been awarded the E.C. Pielou Award for his talk at the August 2020 meeting of the Ecological Society of America.

April 2021

  • The Phenology project team's presentation at the 2021 Spring In Progress Review was well-received by the SERDP-ESTCP Technical Committee.

February 2021

September 2020

August 2020

  • Our lab has received a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to study the Great Lakes nesting ecology of the rusty patch bumblebee.
  • Rachel Bonoan has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Biology Department at Providence College.
  • Sylvie Finn has joined the lab as a PhD

June 2020

May 2020

March 2020

  • Jenny Pugesek placed first for 15 Minute Talks at the Graduate Research Symposium.

January 2020

  • Collin Edwards was awarded an Honorable Mention for the best postdoc talk at the American Society of Naturalists meeting.