Transfer of Credit

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Leadership (DEIJ-L) master’s students may apply for transfer of credit for graduate-level courses taken at Tufts or at other institutions. Certificate students may not transfer in courses taken outside of Tufts to satisfy certificate requirements. However, DEIJ-L certificate students who apply for and are accepted into the DEIJ-L master’s program may transfer all certificate credits to the master’s degree.  
It is recommended that students apply for transfer credit at the beginning of their graduate program. Please email the Program Manager for more information on submitting a transfer credit request. 

A maximum of two courses* may be transferred and used to fulfill requirements for the master’s degree, subject to the following conditions. Credits transferred must:  

  • Carry a grade of B- or better (courses taken as pass/fail cannot be transferred)  
  • Not have been counted toward another degree**
  • Have been earned in graduate-level courses at a properly accredited institution  
  • Have been taken within the past five years

*Students previously enrolled in the DEIJ-L certificate program may petition to transfer all credits required for the certificate into the Tufts DEIJ-L master’s program
**Courses taken in the duration of a degree program are eligible for transfer credit only if a transcript notation or documentation from the institution confirms the course was in excess of degree requirements, and withheld from calculation in overall earned credit hours, GPA, and honors.