Course Offerings

In addition to the PDFs listed below, hard copy course listings are available in the WGSS office (111 Eaton Hall). You may also view course descriptions on SIS.

Upcoming & Current Course Offerings

Previous Semesters

Sample Courses

AMER 83 On the Road in America
ANTH 148 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 130 Anthropological Thought
ANTH 181 Anthropology & Feminism
ANTH 182 Human Physique
BIO 12 Human Reproduction & Development
CH 104 Women and Health
CHNS 112 Women & Gender in Modern Chinese Literature & Culture
CLS 158 Women in Greek Mythology
DR 43 Gay & Lesbian Theater & Film
DR 46 International Women Film Directors
ENG 45 Non-Western Women Writers
ENG 46 Girls' Books
ENG 80 Hitchcock: Cinema, Gender, Ideology
ENG 155 American Women Writers
ENG 160 Environmental Justice & U.S. Literature
ENG 177 * Feminism, Literature & Theory
ENG 191 Black Feminist Theories
FAH 29/129 Gender in Medieval Art & Literature
FAH 32 High Renaissance Italy
FR 121 French & Francophone Women's Voices
FR 192 George Sand & her Sisters: 19th C Women
GER 70 Grimm's Fairy Tale: Ideology & Politics
HIST 91 African Found. Sem.: Seeking Gendered Perspectives
HIST 93 Girlhood in the 1950's
HIST 103 Men, Women & Patriarchy in the Middle East
HST 104 Gender, Travel & Imperialism
HIST 196 Body and Sexuality in Pre-Modern Europe
ITAL 121  Italian Women's Images & Voices
JS 78 Jewish Women
MUS 185 Women in Music
PHIL 48 * Feminist Philosophy
PS 104 Race, Sex, Class & Law
PS 129 African Politics
PS 188-03 Gender Issues in World Politics
REL 104 * Feminist Theologies
SOC 20 Family & Intimate Relations
SOC 30 * Sex and Gender in Society
SOC 111 Social Change & Community Organizing
SOC 187 Immigrant Children & Children of Immigrants
SPN 91 Latin American Women Writers
SPN 191 Saints and Sinners: Images of Women in Hispanic Literature
WGSS 72 Queering Feminisms: Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 73 * Introduction to Queer Studies
WGSS 92 Rape Crisis & Recovery
WGSS 99 WGSS Internship
WGSS 190 ** Doing Feminist Research
WGSS 193 ** WGSS Senior Project

* Core course for the WGSS major/minor.

** Required course for the WGSS major/minor.

NOTE FOR ALL COURSES: To count a course towards a WGSS major or minor, the significant writing/research projects in the course must focus on a relevant topic in the study of women, gender, and/or sexuality.