Faculty and Staff

Hilary Binda, Program Director, Senior Lecturer
John LiBassi, Program Administrator

Affiliated Faculty


Amahl Bishara, Chair, Associate Professor
Media, human rights, the state, the Middle East, journalism, democracy, the politics of place, knowledge production, expressivity

Sarah Pinto, (on leave) Associate Professor
Medical anthropology, gender, mental health, reproduction, cultures of biomedicine, kinship, global feminism, history of the body. Geographical focus on India

Rosalind Shaw, Associate Professor
Violence, memory, and futurity; the anthropology of post-conflict; children and youth; transitional justice; West Africa; Sierra Leone

Sarah Luna, Assistant Professor
Sex work, migration, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, borders, Mexico, United States

Zarin Machanda, (on leave) Usen Family Career Development Assistant Professor
Biological Anthropology, primatology, chimpanzee behavioral ecology, primate life history and development, the evolution of social relationships, the ecology of male-female relationships

Thomas Abowd, (on leave) Lecturer in American Studies, Anthropology, and Arabic Studies
Colonialism and decolonization; race and racial politics; gender and sexuality; Arab and Muslim Americans; policing and urban protest
Art and Art History

Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor
Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art, Art of Mexico, and Gender and Women's Studies

Jeremy Melius, Assistant Professor
Modern art and art writing, critical theory and aesthetics, historiography, histories of sexuality


Susan Ernst, Professor
Developmental Biology

Child Study and Human Development
Ellen Pinderhughes, Professor
Families and children in challenging circumstances: Parenting and family functioning among diverse families, ethnic-racial socialization processes, cultural and contextual influences and child and youth outcomes; adoption and foster care
Jayanthi Mistry, Professor
Cultural perspectives on child development; Development of multiple identities and navigating multiple cultural worlds, with a focus on ethnic minority, immigrant, and under-represented communities; Interpretive methods in the study of children and families; Facilitating change in educational practice through teacher-research & collaboration
Julie Dobrow, Senior Lecturer
Children and media, ethnicity/gender and media, adolescents and media use
Civic Studies
Hilary Binda, Senior Lecturer / Director of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program / Director of the Tufts University Prison Initiative at Tisch College (TUPIT)
Gender/Sexuality Studies, Literature of Confinement, Literary Theory and Visual Culture Studies, Modern Poetry/Poetics, Early Modern British Literature including Shakespeare
Community Health
Jennifer Allen, Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine Professor and Chair; Sc.D., MPH, MSN, RN
Shameka Powell, Assistant Professor
Educational Studies and Literacy
Erin Seaton, Lecturer
Learning and Development
Lee Edelman, Fletcher Professor of English Literature
Literary theory, film studies, modern poetry
Judith Haber, Professor
Early Modern Literature and Culture
Joseph Litvak, Professor; Department Chair
Nineteenth-century British Literature, Literary Theory, Jewish Cultural Studies
Sonia Hofkosh, Associate Professor
British romantic Literature
Modhumita Roy, Associate Professor, Director of First-Year Writing Program
World Literature in English
Ronna Johnson, Lecturer
American Literature Twentieth Century; Second Wave Feminism and Literature; Beat Generation Writing
Virginia Drachman, Arthur Stern, Jr. Professorship in American History
Modern America, Women in the U.S., Medicine and Society in the U.S.

Alisha Rankin, Associate Professor
Early Modern Europe

Man Xu, Assistant Professor
Chinese History

International Literary and Cultural Studies

Vida Johnson, Professor
Russian Program; Twentieth Century, Film, Women Writers

Susan Napier, Professor
Japanese Program; Japanese Literature, Popular Culture, Anime

Alexandra Chreiteh (Shraytekh), Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies
Arabic Studies
Moon Duchin, Associate Professor
Geometry of groups and surfaces
Stephan Pennington, Associate Professor
Popular Music and Jazz of the United States/Europe, African American Music, Critical Musicology, Queer and Transgender Studies, and the Performance of Musical Identity with special attention to race, class, gender, and sexuality
Melinda Latour, Assistant Professor
Early music, music and ethics, gender, popular music

Nancy Bauer, Professor & Dean
Feminism, existentialism and phenomenology, ordinary language philosophy, philosophy and film

Political Science
Richard C. Eichenberg, Associate Professor
International Relations, Foreign Policy, Political Behavior
Elizabeth Remick, Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, East Asia
Pearl T. Robinson, Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, Africa, African-American Politics
Jessica Remedios, Associate Professor
Social Cognition
Heather Curtis, Professor
History of Christianity; American Religions
Jennifer Eyl, Assistant Professor
Early Christianity, Ancient Mediterranean religions, gender & sexuality in antiquity, theory of religion
Peggy Hutaff, Senior Lecturer
Christian Studies
Romance Languages

Isabelle Naginski, Professor, Co-Director of International Literary & Visual Studies Program
19th-century French prose, Franco-Russian literary relations, women writers

Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Associate Professor, Director of Latin American Studies
Latin American literature and culture

Laura Baffoni-Licata, Senior Lecturer/Coordinator of Italian Studies
Italian literature and culture

Brenna Heitzman, Senior Lecturer
French Language
Claire Schub, Senior Lecturer
19th- and 20th-century French literature
Amy Millay, Lecturer
Spanish language and literature
Sarah Sobieraj, Professor
Media; political culture; extreme incivility; identity-based attacks online; public discourse; gender; social movements
Freeden Blume Oeur, Associate Professor
Gender and Masculinity, Education, Youth, Sociological and Feminist Theory
Jill Weinberg, Assistant Professor
Crime, Law, Deviance; Sports; the Body; Research Methods
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Heather S. Nathans, Alice and Nathan Gantcher Professor in Judaic Studies; Department Chair
Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and Criticism, Directing
Barbara Wallace Grossman, Professor
Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and Criticism, Directing, Voice and Speech
Noe Montez, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and Criticism, Directing
Kareem Khubchandani, Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor, Interim Director of Graduate Studies, 2020-2021
Performance Studies, Queer Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies
Lilian Mengesha (on leave), Fletcher Foundation Assistant Professor of Dramatic Literature 
Race and Performance Studies
Jennifer Burton, Professor of the Practice (part-time)
Filmmaking and Film Studies