Research & Teaching

Our research group focuses global change biology, with particular emphasis on plant responses to environmental stressors, including climate and native and exotic herbivores. Our goals are to both discover fundamental plant responses, and their consequences to herbivores and people.

By integrating theory with ecophysiological, chemical, and behavioral tools we strive to elucidate patterns, identify mechanisms, and explore the consequences of these responses to the resilience of natural and agricultural systems. We work on diverse plant systems including sugar maple, hemlock, plantago and crops in the northeastern US, and in to two beverage crop systems: coffee in Costa Rica and tea in China.

There are currently several research themes:

  1. Plant defense mechanisms and their consequences to herbivores
  2. Impacts of climate to socio-agricultural systems
  3. Plant-herbivore Interactions: Effects of herbivore cues to the growth and resistance of long-lived woody plants

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Illustration of the Orians lab