Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program: BFA and MAT in Art Education

For undergraduate SMFA students seeking a graduate degree in Art Education, the Department of Education offers a Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program: BFA and MAT in Art Education. This program allows Tufts students to complete the 120 credit-hour undergraduate degree and 30 credit-hour master's degree together, usually within five years.

Graduates of the Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program receive both a bachelor's degree and a master’s degree from Tufts, and each degree is awarded upon completion of requirements for each portion. Students will graduate with an undergraduate degree with their undergraduate class, and graduate with a master's degree with their master’s cohort, after the graduate requirements are met. Applicants are urged to seek academic advising as early as possible if they are considering this path.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Fifth-Year Master's Program students must complete all the academic requirements for both their BFA degree and MAT in Art Education degree.
  • Admitted and enrolled students may be permitted to apply up to six credit-hours of >100-level Tufts coursework, taken to fulfill for the undergraduate degree requirements, towards the master's degree requirements. These shared graduate-level course credit-hours must be part of the master's degree requirements and must adhere to the policies in the graduate student handbook and department student handbook. An additional 6 credit hours may be placed on reserve for the master’s degree (these will not contribute to the undergraduate degree). Course reservation forms should be completed according the rules and deadlines designated by Student Services.”

If you have questions regarding the Fifth-Year Master's in Art Education, please contact the program director, Susan Barahal.

Admission Process and Criteria

Admission to the graduate degree portion of the program is separate from the undergraduate portion. Students may apply during the spring of their junior year or by the fall of their senior year. For application deadlines, please see the GSAS Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program information. Students must take at least one course within the Department of Education prior to applying.

Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation, with one letter from a faculty in a discipline related to the area you intend to teach. Applicants are exempted from the GRE requirement, and are not required to pay the graduate application fee.

Prospective Fifth-Year Master's students should consult with their undergraduate major advisor and Susan Barahal, director of the MAT in Art Education.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Fifth-Year Master's students may seek financial aid assistance for their graduate degree. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides a graduate tuition scholarship proportional to the undergraduate tuition award at the time of application.

If admitted to the program, you will reduce the cost of your master's by applying credits already earned as an undergraduate. Students accepted into a Fifth-year Master's Program will be charged graduate tuition per-credit once they receive their bachelor’s degree and only for the courses that are left to complete.