Scholarship and Financial Aid

Department Scholarships

Tuition scholarships that may be used exclusively for remission of tuition are awarded based upon scholarly ability and need. Applicants to our programs typically receive some amount of this department-based aid. Applicants who receive scholarships remain responsible for the payment of fees and tuition charges beyond those covered by their award. Tuition scholarships are awarded upon admission. All funds may be revoked or reduced for students not making adequate progress toward the degree as defined by departmental standards.

To apply for tuition scholarships, complete the Financial Aid Application section of the online application. Award notification is sent to the applicant's mailing address with the acceptance letter. Award offers are official only when made in writing and signed by the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Other Scholarship, Grant, and Financial Aid Opportunities

Applicants can take advantage of hundreds of external scholarships each year through their employers, civic and religious organizations, or other networks. External scholarships are supplements to any additional aid you might receive from Tufts University, and there are several free website resources that can help make your search easier. Information on other types of financial assistance, including various loan programs and work-study, are available from Student Financial Services.