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Department of Education


Fall 2020 Course Offerings

Many courses in the department are limited to students enrolled in one of our degree programs. The following are open to all students. (Some may require instructor permission). See SIS for course meeting time information.

Course Course Title Instructor Modality
ED 011 Observing Theory in Action Steven Cohen In-person
ED 014 Food and Schools Ryan Redmond Hybrid/ Dual Modality
ED 110 History and Social Studies Curriculum Steven Cohen In-person
ED 111 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in the Science Curriculum Julia Gouvea Virtual (Combined with ED 112 and 119)
ED 112 Mathematics Learning Environment Julia Gouvea Virtual (Combined with ED 111 and 119)
ED 113 Language Arts Curricula in Middle and Secondary School Kristen Nielsen Virtual
ED 114 Linguistic Approaches to Second Language Saskia Stoessel Hybrid/ Dual Modality
ED 119 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in Engineering Julia Gouvea Virtual (Combined with ED 111 and 112)
ED 130 Human Development and Learning Brian Gravel Virtual
ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child Linda Beardsley In-person
ED 143 Approaches to “Problem Behavior” George Scarlett Refer to CSHD
ED 145 Family-School Connections Christine McWayne Refer to CSHD
ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling Justin Jimenez In-person
ED 164 Education for Peace and Justice Deborah Donahue-Keegan In-person
ED 167 Critical Race Theory Shameka Powell Virtual
ED 189 Story in Education Linda Beardsley In-person
ED 191-03 Identities and Education Erin Seaton Virtual

Fall 2020 courses for Education degree students

Below are the courses offered for students enrolled in a degree program in the Department of Education. Select courses below may allow enrollment by consent. See notes in descriptions.

Course Course Title Instructor Modality
ED 101 Introduction to Teaching Ryan Redmond Hybrid/ Dual Modality
EDS 121 Art Education and Human Development Kay Furst Virtual
EDS 175 Art Education Foundations PreK-8 Pamela Bower-Basso Virtual
EDS 177 Art Education Foundations 5-12 Pamela Bower-Basso Virtual
EDS 179 Field Studies Art Education PreK-8 Susan Barahal Virtual
EDS 180 Field Studies Art Education 5-12 Susan Barahal Virtual
ED 182 Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning Amanda Sullivan Virtual
ED 191-01 School Psychology Writing Course Meredith Schmidt Virtual
ED 191-02 Independent Study Select Instructor TBD with Faculty
ED 195 Senior Honors Thesis A Select Instructor TBD with Faculty
ED 214 STEM Disciplines Julia Gouvea Virtual
ED 221 1st Year School Psychology Practicum Erin Seaton and Silas Pinto Virtual
ED 222 MSTE Pro-Seminar Andrew Izsak Virtual
ED 230 Foundations of Learning, Cognition, and Academic Intervention Erin Seaton Virtual
ED 231-01/02/03 Practicum in School Psychology Noelle Roop, Robert Trant, Michele Welch Virtual
ED 237 Common Factors in Counseling Steven Luz-Alterman In-person
ED 238 Advanced Approaches to Counseling Steven Luz-Alterman In-person
ED 241 Foundations and Contemporary Practices in Psychoeducational Assessment Stacy Camposano In-person
ED 246 Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Assessment Noelle Roop Virtual
ED 254 Developmental Psychopathology in Educational Settings Robert Trant Virtual
ED 255 Professional Practice in School Psychology Silas Pinto Virtual with 3 in-person meetings throughout the semester
ED 257-01/02/03 Internship in School Psychology Kalyani Krishnan, Denise Carver, Rachel Vorkink Hybrid/Dual Modality (KK);  In-person (DC); Virtual (RV)
ED 276 Internship Select Instructor TBD with Faculty
ED 280 Teaching and Learning in the Museum Cynthia Robinson Virtual
ED 284 Museum Practicum Cynthia Robinson Virtual
ED 285-01/02 Museums: Mission and Function Cynthia Robinson, Cara Iacobucci Virtual (CR); Hybrid/ Dual Modality (CI)
ED 286 Museums and Digital Media Dana Allen-Greil Virtual
ED 290 Qualifying Paper I Various Faculty  
ED 293 Research Paper Various Faculty  
ED 295 Thesis   Various Faculty  
ED 297 Doctoral Dissertation Various Faculty  
ED 298 Doctoral Dissertation Various Faculty  
ED 299 Qualifying Paper II Various Faculty  
ED 401 Masters Continuation PT    
ED 402 Masters Continuation FT    
ED 405 Grad Teaching Assistant    
ED 406 Grad Research Assistant    
ED 501 Doctoral Continuation PT    
ED 502 Doctoral Continuation FT