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Department of Education


Spring 2022 Course Offerings

Many courses in the department are limited to students enrolled in one of our degree programs. The following are open to all students. (Some may require instructor permission). See SIS for course meeting time information.

Course Course Title Instructor Modality
ED 001 School and Society Steve Cohen In-Person
ED 010 Teaching & Learning K-12 History & Social Studies Ryan Redmond In-Person
ED 013 The Global Educator Linda Beardsley In-Person
ED 015 Social-Emotional & Civic Learning Deborah Donahue-Keegan In-Person
ED 092-01 Seminar for Learning Assistants in STEM Ira Caspari In-Person
ED 163 Philosophies Justin Jimenez In-Person
ED 167 Critical Race Theory Shameka Powell In-Person
ED 168 Pedagogies Justin Jimenez In-Person
ED 170 Critical Education Policy Studies Shameka Powell In-Person
ED 171 Sociology of Education Natasha Warikoo In-Person
ED 192-01 Independent Study Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 192-02 Senior Capstone Linda Beardsley In-Person
ED 192-17 Making to Learn Brian Gravel In-Person
ED 192-19 Equitable Engineering and Science Greses Perez In-Person

Below are the courses offered for students enrolled in a degree program in the Department of Education. Select courses below may allow enrollment by consent. See notes in descriptions.

Course Course Title Instructor Modality
ED 102 Supervised Teaching in Middle & Secondary School Ryan Redmond In-Person
ED 120 Practices of Teaching: History & Political Science/Political Philosophy Steven Cohen In-Person
ED 121 Practices of Teaching Science Mary Caddle In-Person
ED 122 Practices of Teaching Math Mary Caddle In-Person
ED 123 Practices of Teaching English Steven Cohen In-Person
ED 124 Practices of Teaching Language Susan Setnik In-Person
ED 125 Latin & Classical Teaching Susan Setnik In-Person
ED 140 Behavior Management in Classrooms Victoria Downes In-Person
ED 192-05 School Psych Professional Writing Development Meredith Edelstein Advisor Consultation
ED 221-02 First Year Seminar in School Psychology Practice Erin Seaton, Meredith Edelstein, Marquel Norton Hybrid
ED 223 Master Proseminar Andrew Izsak In-Person
ED 232-02 Practicum in School Psychology Robert Trant Hybrid
ED 232-03 Practicum in School Psychology Michele Welch Virtual
ED 232-04 Practicum in School Psychology Noelle Roop Hybrid
ED 236 School Based Mental Health Erin Seaton In-Person
ED 246 Social, Emotional, Behavioral Assessment Noelle Roop Hybrid
ED 254 Developmental Psychopathology in Educational Settings Robert Trant Hybrid
ED 255 Prof Practice in School Psychology Meredith Edelstein Hybrid
ED 256 School-Based Consultation Noelle Roop Hybrid
ED 258-01 Advanced Internship in School Psychology Kalyani Krishnan Hybrid
ED 258-02 Advanced Internship in School Psychology Denise Carver In-Person
ED 258-03 Advanced Internship in School Psychology Rachel Vorkink Virtual
ED 281 Museum Education for K-12 Audiences Tara Young Hybrid
ED 282 Proseminar in Museum Interpretation Cynthia Robinson Hybrid
ED 284 Museum Practicum Cara Iacobucci Advisor Consultation
ED 290 Qualifying Paper l Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 294 Research Paper Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 296 Thesis Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 297 Doctoral Dissertation Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 299 Qualifying Paper ll Various Faculty Advisor Consultation
ED 401-PT Masters Continuation PT    
ED 402-FT Masters Continuation FT    
ED 405-TA Grad Teaching Assistant    
ED 406-RA Grad Research Assistant    
ED 501-PT Doctoral Continuation PT    
ED 502-FT Doctoral Continuation FT    
EDO 204 Practices of Teaching in the Elementary School Cortney Denman Virtual
EDO 217 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum Lija Yang & Jeanne Governale Virtual
EDO 225 Practices of Teaching Elementary STEM Mary Caddle Virtual
EDS 122 Art Education w/Special Populations Kay Furst Virtual
EDS 173 Student Teaching Art PreK-8 Kay Furst Hybrid
EDS 174 Student Teaching Art 5-12 Susan Barahal Hybrid
EDS 176 Art Ed Curriculum PreK-8 Pamela Bower-Basso Virtual
EDS 178 Art Ed Curriculum 5-12 Pamela Bower-Basso Virtual

For registration and course related questions, please contact:

April Bergeron
Administrative Coordinator