Elementary STEM Education Students and Alumni Spotlights

Meet Elementary STEM Education Alumni

Madeleine Gibson

Madeleine Gibson (contact me)
MAT Elementary STEM Education, 2017

I co-teach 3rd grade inclusion at the McKay School in East Boston. The work of teaching is hard, but the Tufts STEM Elementary Ed. program provided me with a solid framework to understand and elevate student thinking. My professors similarly valued my thoughts on education, while also pushing me to think more deeply. I feel like there was great care in facilitating my student teaching placement—it was an incredible match for my teaching interests and areas of growth!

Matthew Burch

Matthew Burch (contact me)
MAT Elementary STEM Education, 2013

I am currently a sixth grade math teacher for Somerville Public Schools. The Tufts Elementary STEM program provided a unique and enlightening perspective on the teaching profession, particularly in its focus on the STEM disciplines within the elementary grades. Tufts' prepared me to not only create lessons and teach students, but to also manage discussions, critically analyze student work, and meet the individual needs of all my students.