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Kaitlin O Donnell

Kaitlin O'Donnell
MA/EdS in School Psychology, 2018

I completed the MA/EdS in School Psychology in 2018 and now work as a school psychologist at North Reading High School. I decided to pursue a degree in school psychology because I am passionate about educational equity, and I believe opportunity and achievement gaps can be closed with social-emotional and behavioral health resources in schools. Through my coursework at Tufts, I learned to apply the problem-solving framework to a variety of situations, whether through the special education referral process, during a consultation with a teacher, or when helping an adolescent cope with anxiety. Tufts' partnerships with local school districts insured that I received a high-quality supervisory experience in my fieldwork, first at a small, lower elementary school and most recently in a large, urban high school. Together with the individualized support of the Tufts faculty, these experiences have prepared me to be an effective school-based practitioner and I know I am ready to make a positive contribution to the communities I will serve.

Marquel Norton

Marquel Norton (contact me)
MA/EdS in School Psychology, 2017

The Tufts School Psychology Program not only taught me the practical skills necessary to being a school psychologist but also pushed me to think in highly critical and comprehensive ways. Tufts prepared me to think about equity, access, and social justice. Through a partnership with the Educational Studies Department, a few school psychologist students were able to attain a concentration in Educational Studies. The Tufts School Psychology Program is also unique in that students are always asked to reflect on the practice, their progress, systems, and biases within schooling and education. The program additionally teaches that at the core of all good work are relationships. I was able to walk into my first job and form effective and productive relationships while asking critical and reflective questions all due to the Tufts Program.

Jenna Morin

Jenna Morin (contact me)
MA/EdS in School Psychology, 2013

I currently work as a school psychologist at Swampscott High School in Swampscott, Massachusetts

Attending Tufts and participating in the coursework and fieldwork through the school psychology program provided me with a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge base that greatly influences the way I view situations and make decisions in my school. Specifically, Tufts pushes its students to consider the multitude of factors that may impact students' social, emotional, behavioral, and academic success, and to then use this knowledge to advocate for the best interest of the student. Furthermore they promote and facilitate the practice of these skills in real-world settings with the support and guidance of veteran school psychologists. These experiences have allowed me to feel confident in my ability to positively impact and support the students, families, and colleagues with whom I work.