Spring 2021 Course Offerings

Attention: The faculty have decided that internships for PS 99 in the fall can be remote. Students will still need to meet all of the prerequisites and academic expectations that are normally in place for PS 99, with the addition of an acknowledgement form required prior to the start of some internships. If you have any questions about whether a particular internship is allowed, please contact your faculty advisor, or email

PS 196: Independent Studies in Political Science are now variable credit. This means that you have the option to choose from a variety of credit hours, and can fit an independent study more flexibly into your course schedule. For more information, please see this checklist, and ask your professors if you are interested in designing an independent study.

Course # Course Title Instructor Class Format
PS 008 Political Theory Reading Group (IP) Ioannis Evrigenis Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 042 Western Political Thought II Robert Devigne Virtual (Recitations Hybrid)
PS 061 Introduction to International Relations Michael Beckley Virtual (Recitations Virtual)
PS 099 Fieldwork In Politics (IP) Shinju Fujihira Virtual
PS 102 Congress, Bureaucracy, and Public Policy Kaitlin Kelly-Thompson Virtual
PS 103 Political Science Research Methods (M) Brian Schaffner Virtual
PS 108 Public Opinion and US Democracy (M) Brian Schaffner Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 109 Seminar: The Politics of Ethnicity & American Identity (*)(M) Deborah J. Schildkraut Virtual
PS 118-01 Topics in American Politics: Immigration Law and Policy Christina A. Corbaci Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 118-03 Topics in American Politics: Politics, Journalism, and the Fight Over (Fake) News Evan Horowitz Virtual
PS 118-04 Topics in American Politics: Gender in State and Local Politics Kaitlin Kelly-Thompson Virtual
PS 125 Building the European Union David Art In Person
PS 128 Gender, Work, and Politics in East Asia Elizabeth J. Remick Virtual
PS 131 Critical Issues Confronting Japan Shinju Fujihira Virtual
PS 134 Comparative Politics Mid East Malik Mufti Virtual
PS 138-01 Topics In Comparative Politics: Politics of Oil and Energy Nimah Mazaheri Virtual
PS 138-02 Topics In Comparative Politics: Policing in Comparative Perspective David Art In Person
PS 138-03 Topics In Comparative Politics: Political Violence in State and Society Consuelo Cruz Virtual
PS 138-04 Topics In Comparative Politics: Making States: Theory and Practice Consuelo Cruz Virtual
PS 139 Seminar In Comparative Politics: Poverty and Public Policy (*) Nimah Mazaheri Virtual
PS 140 Liberalism and its Philosophic Critics Robert Devigne Virtual
PS 148 Seminar: The Political Thought of Montesquieu (*) Vickie B. Sullivan Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 158-01 Topics In Political Thought: The Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr. Peter L. Levine Virtual
PS 158-02 Topics In Political Thought: Origins of Modern Republicanism Vickie B. Sullivan Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 159 Seminar In Political Thought: The Political Philosophy of Bodin (*) Ioannis Evrigenis Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 160 Force, Strategy, and Arms Control (M) Jeffrey Taliaferro Virtual
PS 177 The Howard School of International Affairs Pearl T. Robinson Virtual
PS 181 Public Opinion And Foreign Policy (M) Richard Eichenberg Virtual
PS 188-01 Topics In International Relations: Race and US Africa Policy Pearl T. Robinson Virtual
PS 188-02 Topics In International Relations: Chinese Foreign Policy Michael Beckley Virtual
PS 188-03 Topics In International Relations: Freedom of Religion, Conscience, and Belief: America's Role in Defending the First Freedom Abroad Katrina Swett In Person
PS 188-04 Topics In International Relations: Issues in Democratization Anna Larson Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 188-05 Topics In International Relations: The Politics of Fragile States Anna Larson Hybrid: In Person/Remote
PS 189-01 Seminar in International Relations: Turkish Foreign Policy (*) Malik Mufti Virtual
PS 189-02 Seminar in International Relations: Conducting Research on Public Opinion and Foreign Policy (*) Richard Eichenberg Virtual
PS 191 Issues in American Public Policy Peter L. Levine Virtual
PS 195 Seminar on US Elections (*) (M) Eitan D. Hersh In Person
PS 196 Independent Study (IP) Please contact your professor if you wish to enroll in an Independent Study.
PS 199 Senior Honors Thesis (M) Richard Eichenberg Virtual

(M) = Methodologically focused course
(*) = Advanced seminar
(IP) Instructor's Permission needed to enroll

Class Formats
In-Person: Courses where participants will meet in-person every class session but may be open to virtual participants.
Hybrid/Dual Modality: Courses that will have a mix of both online and in-person class sections for each student.
Virtual: Courses that will be entirely online. Synchronous, unless otherwise noted.