Fall 2021 Course Offerings

Attention: The faculty have decided that internships for PS 99 in Fall 2021 can be remote. Students will still need to meet all of the prerequisites and academic expectations that are normally in place for PS 99, with the addition of an acknowledgement form required prior to the start of some internships. If you have any questions about whether a particular internship is allowed, please contact your faculty advisor, or email

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Course times and location: please check SIS

Course # Course Title Instructor Class Format
PS 011/AMER 048 Introduction to American Politics Deborah Schildkraut Virtual Lecture, In-Person Recitations
PS 020/CVS 020/PHIL 020 Introduction to Civic Studies Peter Levine and Brian Schaffner In-Person
PS 041/CLS 041/PHIL 041/CVS 018 Western Political Thought I Vickie Sullivan In-Person
PS 061 Introduction to International Relations Michael Beckley Virtual
PS 099 Internship: Fieldwork in Politics Shinju Fujihira Virtual
PS 101 The Presidency & Executive Branch Jeffrey Berry In-Person
PS 103 Political Science Research Methods (M) Nimah Mazaheri In-Person
PS 104/FMS 163 Seminar on New Media, New Politics (M)(*) Jeffrey Berry & Robin Liss In-Person
PS 112/CVS 137 US Elections: Rules, Strategies, and Outcomes Eitan Hersh In-Person
PS 118-01/CVS 150-04 Topics in American Politics: The Flow of Power (IP) Eitan Hersh In-Person
PS 118-02/CVS 150-02 Topics in American Politics: Community Organizing Kenneth Galdston and Daniel LeBlanc In-Person
PS 118-03/WGSS 185-13 Topics in American Politics: Gender in State and Local Politics Kaitlin Kelly-Thompson In-Person
PS 118-04/WGSS 185-14 Topics in American Politics: Gender and Public Policy in the United States Kaitlin Kelly-Thompson In-Person
PS 119-01 Seminar in American Politics: Leadership, Negotiation, and Compromise (*) James Glaser In-Person
PS 121/CVS 121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective (*) Consuelo Cruz In-Person
PS 122 Soviet, Russian, and Post-Soviet Politics Oxana Shevel In-Person
PS 124 Seminar: Comparative Political Economy of Advanced Capitalism (M)(*) Shinju Fujihira In-Person
PS 126 Chinese Politics Elizabeth Remick Hybrid (Taught In-Person)
PS 127 Latin American Politics Consuelo Cruz In-Person
PS 138-02/CVS 150-06 Topics in Comparative Politics: Democracy and Its Alternatives David Art In-Person
PS 138-03 Topics in Comparative Politics: Politics of Oil and Energy Nimah Mazaheri In-Person
PS 139-01 Seminar in Comparative Politics: States, Nations and the Politics of Citizenship Rules (*) Oxana Shevel In-Person
PS 139-02 Seminar in Comparative Politics: German Politics from Bismarck to Merkel (*) David Art In-Person
PS 141/CLS 145 Shakespeare's Rome Vickie Sullivan In-Person
PS 147 Seminar: Political Philosophy of Nietzsche (*) Robert Devigne In-Person
PS 157/GER 079/ILVS 079 Fascism, Then and Now Alex Gardner Hybrid
PS 158-01/CVS 150-03 Topics in Political Thought: Democracy in America Robert Devigne In-Person
PS 167 Studies in War and Empire Malik Mufti In-Person
PS 172 U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Malik Mufti In-Person
PS 181 Public Opinion in Foreign Policy (M) Richard Eichenberg Virtual
PS 185 Seminar: Nuclear Weapons and International Politics (*) Jeff Taliaferro In-Person
PS 187 Intelligence and National Security Jeff Taliaferro In-Person
PS 188-01/WGSS 185-11 Topics in International Relations: Gender in International Relations Anna Larson In-Person
PS 188-02 Topics in International Relations: The Transnational Politics of Forced Migration Anna Larson In-Person
PS 198/INTR 097 Seminar: Senior Honors Thesis (M)(*) Richard Eichenberg Virtual

(M) = Methodologically focused course
(*) = Advanced seminar
(IP) Instructor's Permission needed to enroll

Class Modalities (Definitions taken from the Registrar)
In-Person: On-campus students can register and complete this course but generally, fully remote students cannot register for this course. In some instances, there may be flexibility for fully remote students to register and complete the course; instructors of these courses have discretion over this possibility.
Virtual: All class activities will be online only, and all students—fully remote students and on-campus students—can register and complete the course.
Hybrid: The class will have both: i) virtual components and ii) in-person opportunities required of those students who are on campus, and all students, fully remote students and on-campus students, can register and complete the course.

PS 196: Independent Studies in Political Science are variable credit. This means that you have the option to choose from a variety of credit hours, and can fit an independent study more flexibly into your course schedule. For more information, please see this checklist, and ask your professors if you are interested in designing an independent study.