Laboratory Director

Samuel R. Sommers

Samuel R. Sommers, PhD

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Dr. Sam Sommers is an experimental social psychologist interested in issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, and group diversity. His research focuses on two general (and often overlapping) topics: 1) race and social perception, judgment, and interaction; 2) the intersection of psychology and law. In other words, he is interested in how race impacts the way people see and interact with the world in a wide range of social settings. In recognition of this work, in 2008 he received the Saleem Shah Award for Early Career Excellence from the American Psychology-Law Society.

Lab Members

Jeremy Pagan

Jeremy Pagan

PhD Candidate

Keturah Ragland

Keturah Ragland

Graduate Student


Evan Apfelbaum

Evan Apfelbaum, PhD

Associate Professor
Boston University Questrom
School of Business

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Laura Babbitt

Laura Babbitt, PhD

Principal Investigator
Tufts Labor Lab: Experimental
Research for Dignity at Work

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Sarah Gaither

Sarah Gaither, PhD

Assistant Professor
Duke University

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Simon Howards

Simon Howard, PhD

Assistant Professor
Marquette University

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Satia Marotta

Satia Marotta, PhD

Research Manager
The Center for Effective

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Raea Rasmussen

Raea Rasmussen, PhD

User Research