BA/BS in Clinical Psychology

This major in Clinical Psychology is intended for students interested in entering graduate or professional school in mental health or human services and/or wanting to work with psychiatric patients after graduation. If you are considering a Clinical Psychology major, please visit FAQs for commonly asked questions.

Learning Objectives

Program Requirements and Policies

  • A total of twelve courses are required for the Clinical Psychology major.
  • Students scoring 4 or 5 on the Psychology AP exam, 6 or 7 on the International Baccalaureate (Higher Level) exam, or A or B on the GCE A-level exam earn credit for PSY 1. In other words, the student earns 3 semester-hour credits and does not need to take PSY 1 for the major.
  • Students may substitute Child Study and Human Development 1 for PSY 1 for prerequisite purposes, but they must take an additional psychology course in order to reach the 11 courses required for the major.
  • Students planning to continue on in clinical work will benefit from a course in physiological psychology or cognitive neuropsychology.

Course Requirements

The requirements are as follows:

Eight Required Courses:

  • Psychology 1: Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 12: Psychopathology
  • Psychology 31: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (or one of: BIO 132, CEE 6/CH 36, CEE 156, CSHD 140)
  • Psychology 32: Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology 71: Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
  • Psychology 106: Seminar in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology 181: Senior Capstone in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology 182: Senior Capstone in Clinical Psychology

Two Elective Psychology Courses:
A student majoring in clinical psychology must take two electives, one of which must be a 100-level (and no more than one of which may be independent study). For information see courses listed under Psychology.

Two Related Field Courses:
Two related field courses must be taken in order to complete the major requirements.