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FRAC Award: Congratulations to Professor Jessica Remedios on her recent Faculty Research Award Committee DEIJ Grant-in-Aid award for her project, Understanding Multiracial Stereotypes as Objectification.

Nickerson Award: Congratulations to Maria Garay and Lauren Mason, recipients of this year's Raymond S. Nickerson Innovations in Psychological Science Award.

Leibner Award: Congratulations to Professor Sam Sommers, winner of the 2023 Lillian and Joseph Leibner Award for Excellence in Teaching and Advising at Tufts.

New Faculty Hires: The Psychology Department is pleased to announce that Assistant Professor Aerielle Allen (September 2023), Lecturer Phuong (Phoebe) Dinh (September 2023), and Assistant Professor Marcus Weera (January 2024) will be joining the faculty next academic year.

Paid Research Participation System: Interested in participating in an experiment? The department now has opportunities for pay that are open to the public. Both online and in-person studies are available. Sign up if you are interested in participating in an experiment. Please review guidelines if you are a Psy 1 or Psy 31 student.

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