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APA MED Associated Brady-Schuster Award: Congratulations to Klaus Miczek, who has been recognized by the American Psychological Association as a senior scientist who conducts outstanding research underscoring the fundamental importance of behavioral science to psychopharmacology or substance use.

SPSP Diversity Graduate Student Travel Award: Congratulations to Jada Copeland and Maria Garay, students in our graduate program, on receiving diversity travel awards for the 2022 SPSP Conference. As part of this award, Jada and Maria will have an opportunity to meet two scholars whose work they admire in social-personality psychology.

New Faculty Hire: The Psychology Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Xandra Kredlow will be joining the faculty as an assistant professor in January 2022.

Paid Research Participation System: Interested in participating in an experiment? The department now has opportunities for pay that are open to the public. Both online and in-person studies are available. Sign up if you are interested in participating in an experiment. Please review guidelines if you are a Psy 1 or Psy 31 student.

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