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RCD Special Projects Fund

Majors and minors in the RCD's programs (Africana, American, Asian American, Colonialism, Latinx, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora Studies) may apply for this fund in order to defray the cost of attending a conference to present a paper (sophomores through seniors); to enroll (as a sophomore or junior) in a pedagogical opportunity, workshop, or course focused on the thematic issues at the core of the RCD's mission and that will enhance your work within your RCD major/minor; or to conduct research outside of the Boston area for a project within your major/minor (sophomores through seniors). Seniors applying for these funds must demonstrate that they will support their work in the majors/minors during their senior year (i.e. the funds cannot be used for work to be done after graduation). Students may apply up to two times and only once per academic year. In order to be eligible for these funds you must submit a 1-page proposal, which you should attach to application, describing the undertaking, why it is relevant to your major/minor, including a statement indicating the amount of funding requested and how the funds will be used. You must also include the name of your major/minor advisor whose endorsement will be sought upon receipt of your proposal. A typical award will be approx. $250.

NOTE: Application and 1-page proposal should be emailed to: Both documents must be received 4-6 weeks before the scheduled event.

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RCD Essay Prize

Majors or minors in Africana, American, Asian American, Colonialism, Latinx, Native American and Indigenous Studies, or Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora Studies are invited to submit a paper for consideration for the annual RCD Essay Prize, which carries a modest financial award. Papers of research caliber (minimum length of approx. 15pp), written in a course listed or cross-listed for the majors/minors during the current academic year are eligible. Only finished papers will be considered and a clean copy without a grade or faculty comments must be submitted. Submissions are due on the first Monday of May at 5pm and must be submitted electronically to You must complete and submit the attached submission form with your paper. The winner will be contacted and announced the second week of May.

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Ted Shapiro Memorial Award

The Shapiro Award was established by the Aaron and Elaine Shapiro, in memory of their son Ted Shapiro A82, an American Studies major who died in a drowning accident a year after graduating. The award allows American Studies majors to pursue research during the summer between their sophomore or junior year and permits students to seek opportunities for personal and academic growth which would not be available to them without the support of the award.

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