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The Department of English offers courses in: British, American and world literatures in English; film; literary theory; and creative writing. These offerings are unified by the study of textual production and the styles and practices of writing in English. Courses examine literary works in historical, social, philosophical, and political contexts. The department's courses in expository and creative writing enable students to refine their skills through reading, frequent writing assignments, and discussion.

The English department serves the interests of students who plan to become teachers or writers of literature, as well as those preparing for other professions that put a high premium on cultural analysis, effective writing, symbolic interpretation, or media studies. Among the fields our students frequently enter are law, diplomacy, journalism, public relations, publishing, teaching, and filmmaking. Students who have majored (or double-majored) in English are also seen as especially attractive candidates by medical, business and law schools. Our courses are central to a liberal arts education regardless of anticipated career, because they instill a mastery of critical thinking, linguistic analysis, and persuasive communication in a world that increasingly demands that we not only read but also read through the representations that we encounter.