English 2 Alternatives

For liberal arts students seeking to fulfill the second half of the writing requirement, Philosophy 2 (formerly Philosophy 1) "Introduction to Philosophy" may be taken in place of English 2.

English 2 builds on the foundation laid in English 1. Accordingly, if a student wishes to count an English 2 alternative class towards the writing requirement, they must first take (or have exempted out of) English 1 (or English 3).

The following policies apply to all English 2 alternative courses:

  • English 2 alternative courses must be taken at Tufts and cannot be transferred from another college.
  • Students may not count the course as English 2 if taken before or at the same time as English 1 (or English 3).
  • Alternative courses used to fulfill the writing requirement must be taken for a letter grade, and may not be taken pass-fail.
  • Alternative courses used to fulfill the writing requirement may not be online courses.

Philosophy 2: Introduction to Philosophy (formerly Philosophy 1)

Philosophy 2 is offered in the fall and spring semesters. Students interested in taking Philosophy 2 should contact the Department of Philosophy directly. Students must register for this course during the "high demand" period.
Please note:

  • Philosophy 2 summer courses (in person) will count toward the writing requirement. Philosophy 2 online courses will not count toward the writing requirement. In response to the Covid-19 situation, for this summer only (2020), PHIL 2 taken online will be accepted as equivalent of ENG 2.
  • Beginning in Spring 2014, Russian 75 "War Stories" (formerly Rus 91/92 "Special Topics: War Stories") no longer counts as an English 2 alternative course.