Requirements & Equivalencies for the School of Engineering

Writing Requirements

English 1 or 3 is an Introductory Course Requirement in the School of Engineering.  One semester of college writing is required for graduation in the School of Engineering. Engineering students must take either English 1 or English 3.

Students should plan on fulfilling this requirement in the fall semester, when the majority of English 1 classes are offered. English 3 is only offered in the fall.

Engineering students who have fulfilled their writing requirement are welcome to register for upper level English classes for which "fulfillment of the writing requirement" or "English 1 and 2" is a prerequisite.

Equivalencies & Pre-Matriculation Credits

Students in the School of Engineering may receive three pre-matriculation credits (listed below as "three Tufts credits") for English 1 from certain standardized tests if they have met the criteria in the following table. In this case the student is not required to take English 1 or 3.

Please note that a high score on the SAT does not entitle a student to Tufts Credits and therefore will not fulfill the English 1 or 3 requirement for the School of Engineering.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the results of standardized tests are sent to Tufts and appear on their transcript. Students should contact the Student Services desk in Dowling Hall (617-627-2000) should they need assistance with this.

School of Engineering Equivalencies and Pre-Matriculation Credits

AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition

(If both tests are taken, only three credits are awarded)
Score of 4 or 5 Requirement is complete
Three Tufts Credits for English 1
British A-Level Language
British AS-Level Language
British AS-Level Language and Literature
British AS-Level General Paper

(If more than one test is taken, only three credits are awarded)
Grade of A or B Requirement is complete
Three Tufts Credits for English 1
Higher Level International Baccalaureate: ENGLISH A Language and Literature
Score of 6 or 7 Requirement is complete
Three Tufts Credits for English 1