Transfer of Credit

Transfer credit towards the Tufts writing requirement may be granted for English 1 or English 2 equivalent courses taken at another institution. These must be regular college courses taken by secondary school graduates in college facilities and attended by regularly enrolled college students.

Transfer credit may be given for a course taken by a high school student if the course was taken at the college with regularly enrolled college students, the student received a C- or better, and the course did not count toward high school graduation. Online writing courses and summer courses cannot be transferred as English 1, 2, 3, or 4 equivalents. In response to the Covid-19 situation, for this summer only (2020), online writing courses may be transferred as English 1, 2, 3, or 4 equivalents provided that the course meets our First-Year Writing course requirements.

Some universities offer credit to high school students and provide a college transcript for courses that are taken in high schools or in enrichment programs during summer session. Tufts does not give credit for such courses.

Students planning to take a class at another institution in order to transfer the credits to Tufts should seek pre-approval from the Department's transfer of credit representative to ensure the credits will be accepted and will count towards the writing requirement.

Students who transferred to Tufts from another institution should consult with the Department's transfer of credit representative to see what courses, if any, will count towards the Tufts writing requirement.

English 2 alternative courses, such as Philosophy 2, may not be taken at another university for credit towards the writing requirement. All such courses must be taken at Tufts.

Writing Component

Requests for a course to count as an equivalent to Eng 1 or Eng 2 at Tufts should include details about the writing component of the course. Please note that not all "writing intensive" or "first year seminar" courses taken at another school will fulfill the Tufts First-Year Writing requirement.

To be considered as an equivalent to Eng 1 or Eng 2, writing must be the primary objective of the course, and it should include the following: 5-7 papers for a total of about 30 pages, including 1 research paper; work on drafts and revision; and regular attention to the writing process in the classroom.


You must submit a transfer request through SIS: go to the "Classes" menu then select "Transfer of Credit". The request should include an official course description which should specify the writing component of the class.