Tutors & Research Assistance

Writing Tutors

StAAR Center writing consultants provide free, confidential feedback and coaching on writing at any stage, from brainstorming to revising. StAAR's First-Year Writing Program tutors are current or former English 1-4 instructors who specialize in helping students transition into college writing. Graduate Writing Consultants are also available to provide feedback to Tufts students for coursework, application essays, senior theses, and other writing projects.

Students can sign up for appointments with StAAR Center writing consultants and get additional information, including drop-in times and locations by checking the StAAR Center website.

Tisch Library Research Assistance

Tisch Library offers research assistance and support at any stage of the research process. Many first year writing classes visit Tisch Library for an assignment-specific interactive workshop on research skills.

Elizabeth Berman, Assistant Director of Research & Instruction, coordinates the integration of the library into the First Year Writing Program to help students improve the quality of their research.

Research assistance for students in the First-Year Writing Program is available in several different ways: