Approved Courses for Majors

Please note: Not all courses are offered every semester. If a course that you are taking does not appear on this list please consult with your adviser to determine which requirement it meets.

In addition, each semester the English Department offers several 91 and 191 courses in the Fall (Topics in Literature and Culture and Seminars in English) and 92 and 192 courses in the Spring (Topics in Literature and Culture and Seminars in English) that count toward the English major's Pre- or Post-1860 requirements. Please check courses for current listing.

  1. One Survey course:

    0020Black World Literature
    0021Heroes, Lovers, and Demons: British Literature from Beowulf to the Eighteenth Century
    0022Crisis and Critique: British Literature from 1780 to 1950
    0023Dissent & Democracy: American Literature to 1900
  2. Two non-survey classes in American, British, or other Anglophone literature written before 1860, including at least one course in British literature. No more than one course used to fulfill this part of the requirement may be on Shakespeare. The following courses meet this requirement:

    0032Epic Strain
    0050Shakespeare - F
    0051Shakespeare - S
    0086Jane Austen: Novels and Film
    0101Old English
    0104Literature of the Middle Ages
    0105Middle English Literature
    0109Ovid and the Ovidian Tradition
    0110Renaissance in England
    0111English Literature of the 17th Century
    0112Topics in Shakespeare
    0113Renaissance Drama
    0115Philosophy and Literature in the 18th-Century
    0116The Country and the City
    0117Age of Unreason: 1660-1740
    0118Reason and Revolt
    011918th-Century English Novel
    0121Romantic Literature & Culture I: 1789-1810
    0122Romantic Literature & Culture II: 1811-1837
    0123Frankenstein's Sisters: Austen & Shelley
    0124Visual Narrative Before Cinema
    0138Boston Radicals (prior # 0191)
    0149American Literature 1620-1815
    0182American Gothic
    0188Slave Revolts & Maroons

    Please note the following courses DO NOT meet the PRE or POST 1860 requirement:

    0029Literary Studies
    0049The English Bible
    0108Virgil and Dante
  3. Two non-survey courses in American, British, or Anglophone literature written after 1860.
    The following courses meet this requirement:

    0030Twice Told Tales
    0035Reading at Sea: Experimental Texts of the 20th-Century
    0036Asian American Writers (prior # 0091)
    0040Writing in the Beat Generation (prior # 0091/0092)
    0041Literature of the Sixties (prior #0091)
    0044Travel Literature
    0045Nonwestern Women Writers
    0046Girls' Books
    0047Saul Bellow & Friends
    0048From Beijing to Bollywood: Cinema of China and India
    0054Conrad, Forster, Woolf
    0058Short Fiction
    0063American Fiction 1900-1950
    0064American Fiction 1950-Present
    0069Contemporary Multi-Ethnic Literature
    0074Literature of the Jazz Age (previously Introduction to American Modernism, # 0092)
    0077The Modern Mind
    0081Postmodernism & Film
    0082Film & Society
    0083Un-American Activities
    0084Black Comedy
    0085Horror Stories
    0089Feminism in 20th-Century US Lit and Culture
    0126Empire and Counterculture
    012719th-Century British Novel
    0129The Booker Prize and the Contemporary Novel in English
    0131British Modernism
    013220th-Century British Novel
    0133Joyce & Lawrence
    0134James Joyce's Ulysses
    0135Virginia Woolf
    0136Major Figures of the Irish Literary Renaissance
    0147African-American Novel
    0152Whitman & Dickinson
    0153American Realism
    0155American Women Writers
    0157Poets on Poetry
    0158Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner
    0159Contemporary Jewish Fiction
    0160Environmental Justice & World Literature (Formerly "Environmental Justice and U.S. Literature")
    0161Black Prison Writing
    0162Philip Roth & Company
    0163Speak, Memory: Contemporary Memoir
    0164Representing the Jew
    0165Perspectives on American Poetry
    0167What the Novel Knows
    0168African Cinema of Liberation
    0170Modern European Novel
    0171Women & Fiction
    0172War and American Values (prior # 0191)
    0173Literary Theory
    0180Psychoanalysis & Cinema
    0183American Culture during the Great Depression (prior # 0192)
    0186How Films Think
    0187Ghetto Sur/Realism: The Harlem (Detective) Fiction of Chester Himes
    0189Fanon & the Black (Textual) Revolution
  4. Five remaining courses of the student's choice from the department's listings.
    See course listings >

    A Senior Honors Thesis may count for two of these courses. There are restrictions on the number of creative writing courses that may be applied.
    See Major concentration requirements >