Undergraduate Programs

The Department of English offers a wide range of undergraduate courses in British, American, and world literatures in English; film; literary theory; and creative writing. We encourage all students majoring in English to explore the full historical range of offerings; to investigate the spectrum of textual differences to be found in the study of Anglophone literatures, film, and oral traditions; and to include exposure to recent approaches in English studies, such as women's studies, literary theory, historical materialism, and cultural studies.

Though diverse, these offerings are unified by the study of textual production and the styles and practices of writing in English. Courses in the department examine literary works in their most illuminating contexts: historical, social, philosophical, and political. The department's courses in expository and creative writing enable students to refine their skills through reading, frequent writing assignments, and discussion.

We also offer a minor in English, which allows students to experiment widely or to follow a particular interest with some concentration. Therefore, each minor will be individual not only in content but also in concept. To that end, all students are expected to plan a coherent program of study that leads to breadth, pursues a specialized interest, or combines these two objectives.

Distribution Requirements

  • Any English course numbered 20 and above may be used to fulfill a Humanities distribution requirement.
  • English 5, 6, 10, 13, and 16 (but not 7 or 11) may be used to fulfill a Fine Arts distribution requirement.
  • Since "no more than 3 courses, of any number of credits, may be from the same department or program," students cannot fulfill these two requirements solely with English department courses.

Review the Department's Learning Objectives


BA in English

A degree in English develops critical thinking skills and hones one's writing ability to make them attractive to a variety of industries. This major requires at least 10 total courses. 

Minor in English

An interdisciplinary minor  that allow students to experiment widely or to follow a particular interest with some concentration within the English field.


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