Planning for Graduate Programs

Students who are considering the possibility of pursuing their English studies in graduate school should plan their undergraduate programs carefully in order to ensure adequate preparation. Most graduate schools will expect students to be able to demonstrate a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language (and often two or three). They will generally be looking for students whose undergraduate course work in literature exceeds the minimum requirements for graduation, and they will be especially interested in students who have done extensive work in upper-level courses.

In addition, they will in most cases look more favorably on applicants whose course selections demonstrate a familiarity with texts from a variety of literary periods and genres. Students can maximize their preparation for graduate school by choosing their courses at Tufts so as to acquaint themselves both with the major authors of the literary canon and with the newer critical and theoretical approaches that challenge the ways in which the canon has been formulated.

For further information and advice, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Nathan Wolff.