The Competitive Applicant

Student adding water to test tube, with another student watching.

The Postbac Premed Program thoroughly evaluates each applicant's candidacy, considering both academic prowess and informed motivation as crucial factors for success within our demanding curriculum. We are dedicated to selecting individuals whom we believe possess the capabilities to excel in our program and to achieve their future professional aspirations.

Academically, competitive applicants typically maintain a minimum undergraduate average of "B+" and score at or above the 80th percentile in standardized tests. Strong letters of recommendation further bolster their application. Successful students in our program have showcased their commitment to a healthcare career through volunteer, clinical, or employment experiences prior to joining us at Tufts. This may be through work as a medical assistant, hospital volunteer, vet assistant, EMT, PCA, clinical research assistant etc. While students may come from diverse backgrounds, they have already initiated their transition to healthcare and are determined to make it a success.

Our evaluation process involves a comprehensive review of transcripts to assess the breadth and rigor of the academic program. Resumes provide insights into an applicant's diverse experiences, while personal statements offer valuable perspectives on motivations and aspirations. Letters of recommendation contribute significantly by illuminating an applicant's intellectual capabilities, interpersonal qualities, and dedication to their work.