Student speaking with advisor, both seated at table.

Program of Study

A minimum of eight courses is required to complete the program. To remain in the program, students are expected to maintain at least a 3.3 GPA. Students admitted to the program generally attend Tufts for 12-24 months and usually take two laboratory courses for credit per semester. The actual time enrolled in the program varies from one student to the next. Each student works with an advisor to customize his/her course of study. An offer of admission assumes that you have not taken any premed science courses since submitting your application. Once accepted, students must take all of their prerequisite courses at Tufts.

Primary courses taken to fulfill professional school requirements include:

  • Biology: Cells and Organisms (Bio 13 + *Bio 15 lab)
  • Biology: Organisms and Populations (Bio 14)
  • Chemical Fundamentals (Chem 1)
  • Chemical Principles (Chem 2)
  • Organic Chemistry I (Chem 51/53)
  • Biochemistry (Bio 152 or Chem 171)
  • Introductory Physics I and II (Phys 1 and 2)

*Bio 15 lab is new for students enrolling in Bio 13 during the Fall 2023 semester.

Please consult the individual department websites for the most up-to-date information regarding course schedules and modalities.

After completing the required courses needed for graduate admission, students may choose to enroll in other advanced science or other related courses. Tufts offers a wide range of biology courses including genetics, cell biology, and physiology, as well as math, psychology, and statistics. All Tufts undergraduate courses that are relevant to preparation for the health professions are available to Postbac Premed students.