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Psychology is concerned with the processes and principles of behavior in humans and animals. Increased understanding of oneself and others through the study of psychology is useful in almost every endeavor. Our undergraduate psychology curriculum is diverse in order to reflect the breadth of the field — from the biological bases to the social determinants of behavior. The department offers a psychology major, which offers a great deal of flexibility in areas of emphasis. We also offer four additional majors for students wishing to pursue specialized interests in biopsychologyclinical psychologyengineering psychology, and cognitive and brain science. Each major requires several courses taught in the department, as well as a variety of courses taught in fields related to psychology. For more information on each major, consult the Undergraduate Handbook and individual major pages below.

We offer several research opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty members and graduate students. These opportunities vary with respect to the amount of experience necessary and time commitment. Working in a lab can provide students with direct experience in their chosen field of study, and provide a useful glimpse into the world of academic research.

We offer the following information here to provide answers to students' most commonly asked questions: Students who major in one of the five majors offered by the Psychology Department may not major in a second one. Psychology, Biopsychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Brain Science, and Engineering Psychology majors may not double major in any of the other majors offered by the Psychology Department.

Psychology Department Undergraduate Handbook

The Psychology Department does not have a minimum grade criterion for counting a course toward any of its five majors; a passing grade is what is required. There is no minor in Psychology. A minor in CBS and a minor in Linguistics are available; both programs are administered by the Department of Philosophy.


BA/BS in Psychology

This major is intended for students interested in a general and flexible exploration of experimental psychology. 

BA/BS in Biopsychology

An interdepartmental major for students particularly interested in neurobiology and animal behavior.

BA/BS in Clinical Psychology

This major is intended for students interested in entering graduate or professional school in mental health or human services and/or wanting to work with psychiatric patients after graduation.

BA/BS in Cognitive and Brain Science

Cognitive and Brain Science is an inherently interdisciplinary area, drawing on psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy of mind, computer science, and biology.

BA/BS in Engineering Psychology

An interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the Department of Psychology.


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